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A course with Tekdeep is about more than gaining a certification. Our aim is to not simply teach the basics of the course you are undertaking but to ensure you have a full understanding of the skills, the equipment, the diving physiology and that you leave with a greater appreciation for all aspects of technical diving

In March 2016 we were joined by blind diver Graham Owen on our specialist technical liveaboard vessel, MV Legends in the Egyptian Red Sea. During what was planned as a dive to the 100m Gulf Fleet 31 at Sha’ab Ruhr Umm Gammar, Graham and his buddy missed the wreck and this resulted in his world record for the “Deepest Saltwater Dive for a Blind Diver” at 105m. Fast forward to 2017 and Graham made the decision to head back out to the Red Sea and better this record by diving the “Crack” at Sha’ab Ruhr Umm Gammar. The plan was…